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Oregon Grape, Our State Flower

“…two species of evergreen shrubs I first met with at the grand rapids of the Columbia… I do not know the fruit or flower of either. the 1st resembles the plant common to many parts of the U’States called the mountain holley”

– Meriwether Lewis’ journal entry for February 12, 1806 with his first detailed […]

Nepalese Government Proposes A Medicinal Herb Economic Stimulus Program

A November 16, 2009 article published on the online edition of Republica reported that Nepal’s Department of Forestry has created a proposal that would employ 30,000 households. The work? Growing medicinal herbs to be sold for a profit.

The proposal to use medicinal herbs as a profitable economic stimulus plan is yet another instance in […]

Multiple Studies Show Elderberry Extracts Block H1N1 Flu

Major news networks and newspapers continue to spread fear about the recent outbreaks of seasonal flu. While the arguments rage on between pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine proponents, one thing is certain: those with robust immune systems either do not get the flu at all, or do not suffer from it as badly as those with compromised […]

Medicinal Herbs--Ginseng, Green Tea, Tulsi--Touted as Energy Boosters

Summer has finally faded into lingering memories of lush gardens, swimming in rivers and streams, and playing outside in the waning sunlight past 8 p.m. It has given way to a delightful autumn, with beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves dancing in the fall breeze. Mushroom hunters have geared up and headed for the woods; […]