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Nome McBride at The Herb Shoppe in Portland 4/21/2010

From the PR Desk at

American Herbal Dispensary, Inc.

PO Box 1791

Eugene, OR 97440

877-AHD-HERB, 541-844-0515

877-AHD-FAX8 (fax)


Contact: The Herb Shoppe, 503-234-7801  ● 3327 SE Hawthorne

At the Wednesday Night Herbal Lecture series on April 21st, Nome McBride, cofounder of Eugene based American Herbal Dispensary Inc. (Pharmacopia Herbals), will give a presentation he calls “Plants for the People: A local Materia Medica.”  The class teaches a conceptual approach to herbalism that will immediately increase the breadth of knowledge you already have. By understanding the basics of herbal concepts we can use herbs we already know for much more than first realized.  Instead of teaching what specific herbs will do Nome will focus on herbal actions and what they do, and how to tell if an herb would have this action. Experiencing the tastes and smells of the herbs will be an important part of the class and there will plenty of time for questions.

“All are welcome to learn time-tested practical skills for increasing health with plants that are already amongst us. By learning the concepts of basic herbalism, participants will learn not just when to use certain herbs for certain ailments, but the actions, the reasons why the herbs work and how to identify those qualities in a given herb,” explained   McBride.

McBride, an Ethno-Botanical Herbalist, has a long tradition in his family of both agriculture and medical practice. Through his herbal products company he bridges those two worlds together. His company organically farms over 15 acres and wild harvests hundreds of herbs a year from the National Forests of the Pacific NW. He is known in the herbal community for his concise and relevant approach to herbal healthcare. He teaches extensively in the Northwest at herbal fairs, conferences and as a guest teacher at many reputable herbal schools and naturopathic universities.  He lives in Pleasant Hill with his wife and son and enjoys the beauty found in life wherever he goes.

Whether you are a novice, professional or an in-between, come explore the wonderful world of herbs with us.  For more information call The Herb Shoppe at 503-234-7801 or visit us at www.theHerbShoppe.net

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