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Advantageous Adaptogens

For Immediate Release—February 6, 2011

For more information contact: Jacquie Beveridge, 541-997-8311

Advantageous Adaptogens

The first medicines were herbs and, despite the increase in use and availability of pharmaceuticals, people all over the world still rely on herbal remedies to maintain health, fight disease and treat mental illness. Adaptogens are herbs with properties known to enhance physical and mental functioning by protecting the body from various stressors. Adaptogenic herbs provide immune support; and help the brain and body cope with and recover from stressors such as fatigue, exertion, aging and disease.


While the term adaptogen may be new to you they’ve always been around.  The term was first used by Lazarev, a Russian pharmacologist, in 1947. He defined “adaptogens” as agents which help an organism to counteract any adverse effects of a physical, chemical or biological stressor by generating nonspecific resistance.

At the regular monthly meeting of the Florence Herb Enthusiasts, Nome McBride, the ever popular ethno-botanical herbalist from Eugene, will cover what adaptogens are and why they are good to take. Nome said, “We will taste and learn about a few different adaptogens’ basic uses and how to incorporate them into your life.”


Florence Herb Enthusiasts co-founder, Jacquie Beveridge said, “We are so fortunate to have Nome come to our club and speak.  People pay to hear him at Northwest herbal fairs, conferences, and as a guest teacher in many reputable herbal schools and naturopathic universities. He is respected in the herbal community for his knowledge and concise and relevant approach to herbal healthcare.”

The Florence Herb Enthusiasts meet the third Thursday of the month (except July, November and December) at 10 am at the Florence Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on the NW corner of Heceta Beach Road and Hwy 101.

To learn more about adaptogenic herbs and their benefit for you join us Thursday, February 16th at 10 am. For more information call Jacquie Beveridge at 541-997-8311 or visit our website www.florenceherbenthusiasts.com. Whether you are a novice, professional or in between join us to expand your knowledge of herbs.

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