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Tulsi: Holy Basil

Tulsi – ‘The Mother Medicine of Nature’

1 oz. Tulsi Liquid Extract 4 oz. Tulsi Liquid Extract 8 oz. Tulsi Liquid Extract 1 oz. Tulsi Alcohol-Free Extract 4 oz. Tulsi Alcohol-Free Extract 8 oz. Tulsi Alcohol-Free Extract 4 oz. Bulk Leaf & Flower 8 oz. Bulk Leaf & Flower 1 lb. Bulk Leaf & Flower

Botanical Name: Ocimum sanctum, syn. Ocimum tenuiflorum
Common Names: Tulsi, Tulasi, Holy Basil
Family: Lamiaceae (Mint Family)
Parts Used: Leaf & Flower in full flower with stems removed (fresh or dried), seeds

Aldehydes, alkaloids, antistaphylocoagulase, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, beta-sitosterol, alpha-ocimene, beta-ocimene, carvacrol, cineole, various essential oils, eugenol, glycosides, linalol, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, methyl-chavicol, mucilage, oleic acid, phenols, saponins, stearic acid, tannin.

Adaptogenic, Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, hypoglycemic, immune supporting, Metabolic enhancer

Stress, anxiety, mild depression, irritability, inflammation (COX-2 inhibitor), minor pain, anti-oxidant support, mental focus, sports performance enhancement, endurance, synergizing of other herbs in a formula, blood-sugar level maintenance, cortisol level maintenance, sport injury recovery, arthritis/bursitis

Tulsi has only recently become well known all over the world, but it has always been a cornerstone of Ayurvedic practice.  It is said that the plant is so holy, even the ground beneath it is sacred.  The dried stems of the plant are made into beads for prayer necklaces in India and most every household has a Tulsi plant outside its door.  While in the temperate north this plant grows well as an annual basils are truly perennial plants in their native habitats (they grow continually for many seasons).  There are three main varieties of Tulsi – Rama, Vana, and Krishna.  Each has its own unique flavor but all three are used interchangeably.  Most herb companies import a blend of the three from India or other subtropical growing locations like Ecuador.  We however grow our own Tulsi right on our organic farm.  We have selected and developed our own high-potency strain of Rama Tulsi that we grow each year, save seed from, and regrow the next year right on our farm.  This ensures us optimal quality, assurance of safety and identity, and most importantly allows us to use the fresh leaf & flower in the manufacture of our products versus only the dried material.
Tulsi is seen as the Mother Medicine of Nature by contemporary and traditional Ayurvedic physicians.  It is a prophylactic to many health problems and is generally considered to enhance and prolong a healthful life, right along with other superpower herbs like gotu kola, ginkgo, green tea, and ginseng.  While contemporary physicians are still determining its best uses clinically, this herb rests as a testament that a penny of prevention is worth a thousand dollars of treatment.
Tulsi is especially great for overloaded, overworked, stressed out individuals who need to relieve stress while increasing performance levels.  Research proves that Tulsi counteracts stress-induced changes in neurotransmitters and effectively turns down the body’s stress thermostat.  In so doing, it takes more stress to make you feel “stressed”.  Take your Tulsi each day and keep the doctor at bay should be how the old adage goes.

Structure/Function Claim: Promotes Healthy Metabolism & Immune Function*

Tulsi Liquid Extract

Contents: Contains certified organic alcohol (40-50%), pure Oregon water, kosher vegetable glycerin, and Tulsi extractives.

Weight to Volume Ratio (Strength): 1:2.5 ( a mix of 1:1.5 fresh and 1:4 dried leaf & flower)

Dose: Take  20-60 drops 2-5 times daily in a small glass of warm water.

Warnings/Restrictions: None known at this time.

Tulsi Alcohol-Free Extract

Contents: Kosher vegetable glycerin and Tulsi extractives.

Weight to Volume Ratio (Strength): Dry herb 1:5

Dose: Take 30-60 drops 3-5 times daily in a small glass of warm water.

Warnings/Restrictions: None known at this time.

Bulk Tulsi Leaf & Flower

Contents: dried leaf & flower (no stem) of organic Rama Tulsi

Weight to Volume Ratio (Strength): n/a

Dose: Use 1 oz. bulk herb per quart of boiled water.  Pour boiling water over herb, cover, and steep for 30 minutes to 6 hours.  The longer steeped, the stronger the infusion and more medicinal. Strain and drink at room temperature or slowly reheat without boiling. Can be store in refrigerator for 18-36 hours.

Warnings/Restrictions: None known at this time.


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