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Advantageous Adaptogens

For Immediate Release—February 6, 2011

For more information contact: Jacquie Beveridge, 541-997-8311

Advantageous Adaptogens

The first medicines were herbs and, despite the increase in use and availability of pharmaceuticals, people all over the world still rely on herbal remedies to maintain health, fight disease and treat mental illness. Adaptogens are herbs with properties known to […]

Japan Nuclear Radiation Update: Tulsi Basil Protects Against Radiation

Holy Basil, also called Tulsi, has come into the spotlight again ever since the devastating 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan. Over the past couple of years, news reports and scientific studies showed that Tulsi basil offers protection against Swine Flu and other types of illnesses.

Most recently, studies suggest that Tulsi can protect […]

Plants for the People: A local Materia Medica…Nome McBride in Florence!

From the PR Desk at

American Herbal Dispensary, Inc.

PO Box 1791

Eugene, OR 97440

877-AHD-HERB, 541-844-0515

877-AHD-FAX8 (fax)


Contact: Marlena Armstrong at 902-8393

At the April 15th meeting of the Florence Herb Enthusiasts, Nome McBride, cofounder of Eugene based American Herbal Dispensary Inc. (Pharmacopia Herbals), will give a presentation he calls […]

Common Spice Fights Diabetes and Weight Gain

An article published in the Escience News highlighted the potential healing properties of a common household spice: Turmeric. The spice is reported to have beneficial effects for patients with diabetes, as well as people who want to halt weight gain and trim down. A recent scientific study revealed that turmeric provided powerful health benefits to […]

Flu-Fighting Herbs in the News


I hope everyone out there is staying warm and well over the past few chilly weeks. Eugene, Oregon has seen below-freezing temperatures overnight the last few nights. The change of seasons has also brought with it the heightened incidence of flu. Herbal medicines and liquid extracts have remained in the news consistently as powerful […]

Nepalese Government Proposes A Medicinal Herb Economic Stimulus Program

A November 16, 2009 article published on the online edition of Republica reported that Nepal’s Department of Forestry has created a proposal that would employ 30,000 households. The work? Growing medicinal herbs to be sold for a profit.

The proposal to use medicinal herbs as a profitable economic stimulus plan is yet another instance in […]

Medicinal Herbs--Ginseng, Green Tea, Tulsi--Touted as Energy Boosters

Summer has finally faded into lingering memories of lush gardens, swimming in rivers and streams, and playing outside in the waning sunlight past 8 p.m. It has given way to a delightful autumn, with beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves dancing in the fall breeze. Mushroom hunters have geared up and headed for the woods; […]

Herbs Recommended As Part of Natural Flu Defense...Without the Vaccine.

Herbal medicines have been suggested in recent news by alternative health professionals as an important part of avoiding the flu–without the use of controversial flu vaccines.

An article published online at Daily Breeze on October 22, 2009, “A natural approach to battle the flu blues,” suggested an immune boosting regimen including herbals medicines; a healthy, […]

New National Medical Marijuana Policy

Yahoo! News just posted an AP article about the Obama Administration’s new policy regarding medical marijuana.

image from:http://gawker.com/5175153/that-legalize-medical-marijuana-thing-not-a-joke

The new policy states that:

“The Obama administration will not seek to arrest medical marijuana users and suppliers as long as they conform to state laws, under new policy guidelines to be sent to federal prosecutors […]